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Donald Trump Is An “Albatross”

March 1, 2016

This comes from inside the Republican Party.

Republican Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn has allowed his real views and concerns to come to the notice of every other member of his party.  The senator is very worried about Donald Trump’s surging presidential bid.

Cornyn was blunt when asked about the harm Trump would do for the GOP.

“We can’t have a nominee be an albatross around the down-ballot races.”

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  1. hambone permalink
    March 1, 2016 10:32 AM

    It is true that most incumbents will have difficulty capitalizing on the anti-establishment energy fueling the Trump campaign. If a candidate’s platform is “I am about worldview X and policies Y and Z”, then it’s easy enough for other party members to parrot the bits that poll strongly in their districts/states. If a candidate’s platform is “Washington is wholly corrupt and incompetent; I am uniquely incorruptible and successful” then it’s hard for others to jump on the bandwagon, even a VP.

    Trump easily steamrolled over Jeb Bush’s money/connections as well as Cruz’s debate skills evangelical/southern advantages. Every time commentators set a ceiling for Trump – 15%, then 25% then 35% – he broke the ceiling. Some liberals and moderates went nuts when George W. Bush was inaugurated without being elected. Some conservatives went nuts when Obama trounced McCain and Romney. Rabid Hillary hatred is not confined to tiny, marginal groups. Trump hurting down-ticket Republicans does not necessarily help Hillary a ton. Except if she needs to get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed in the Senate, which could be insanely interesting.

    Trump is probably a pox on senate and house Republicans.

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