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Ted Cruz Out Of Presidential Race On Wednesday?

March 1, 2016

Politico has a great read today on the candidate who always seems to have a wooden stick up his back side.  Ted Cruz is simply unlikable in every situation.  I can not fathom how it would be to have a one-on-one conversation with him.  It must be simply dreadful.  The only thing worse would be to have to endure a sit down with Cruz’s father!

But come Wednesday I suspect the senator’s mug will no longer be one we have to view around the country.  Super Tuesday will be Cruz’s Waterloo.

Since the very beginning, the Cruz campaign has seen a strong Super Tuesday—when 595 delegates will be awarded—as the critical, defining moment in the effort to emerge as the consensus conservative choice. It’s the day Cruz has said will be an ‘amazing’ one for his team, the day his campaign has described to potential donors as the one that will demonstrate this campaign, unlike every other conservative insurgent campaign in recent memory, is built to last in a long nomination fight.

But Cruz walks into March 1 on his heels. He failed spectacularly in South Carolina, the first test of his appeal in the South, and is now on the defensive even in his home state of Texas. And if polls are to be believed, he could lose it all on Tuesday to Donald Trump—a man his political and personal opposite in almost every relevant way, yet one who has still managed to commandeer a significant slice of the anti-Washington conservative base Cruz long banked on.


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