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GOP Establishment Got To Ben Carson

March 2, 2016

All it took was dangling a U.S. Senate seat in front of Ben Carson.   All of a sudden there was no longer a path inside the mind of Carson for the White House.

Ben Carson issued a statement today saying he sees no path forward for his presidential campaign.  There is good news for those of us who find his limp hands and limper mind the worst part of any Republican debate.  Carson said he will now skip Thursday’s GOP debate in Detroit.

There is strong speculation that the GOP establishment suggested that Carson leave the presidential race where his voters very well could now help tilt the balance and thereby undermine Donald Trump.   The GOP is not all caring what happens to Carson but they do have a very concrete reason to stop the destruction of their party.  To help Carson’s eyes be opened they jiggled the Florida senate seat in front of him.

That was easy.

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