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Clinton Email Mess: Two Sets Of Rules Never Works

March 3, 2016

I would be less than candid as a liberal blogger if I did not post some thoughts about the continuing legal quandary that surrounds Hillary Clinton in relation to her email server.   Long time readers know of my dismay upon learning such a server existed, or that she failed to follow standards for such digital conversations, or that many emails were deleted without regard for scrutiny from an objective third party.

This morning even before getting out of bed radio news made it clear this was going to be wild day for the future Democratic presidential nominee.

The Justice Department granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano, a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information.

The Clinton campaign for months has urged Pagiano to assist investigators, as if there was any other thing they could say.  Now there is a high-wire investigation and the next large looming question is if there will be indictments to follow.

There has never been a political cloak for Clinton from this blogger when it comes to the foundational issues surrounding this mess.  There was no justification–zero, zip, nadda–for the email server to be set up in the fashion that she desired.  For someone with as much political savvy as she possesses it was one of the most foolish decisions she ever made.  I suspect at the time she was hoping to deny her opponents a potential unknown by keeping the server private.

But in the end her move has created a political event that is embarrassing for her and most troubling for the party.

Throughout the months this matter has percolated my underlying theme has been that when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton there appears to be two separate ways of doing business.  One set of rules for everyone else and then a separate set for them.

Time and again we all have seen this type of play from the Clinton theater take center stage.  The fallout is never pretty to witness.  As a result it makes even the staunchest liberal Democrat wish to vomit.

This morning I talked with a long-time friend in Florida who can not stand the antics of the Clintons.  But he knows the Republicans have no serious candidate so come November he will hold his noise and cast a ballot for Clinton.

I am no lawyer but I suspect that one of two things will happen within the next number of weeks.  Either the justice department will move swiftly to criminal charges or their  investigation comes to a close.  But even if there is no indictments for Clinton staffers one thing is clear.

The cloud of doubt and uncertainty that Clinton created all on her own is now larger and darker.  And as we know when it comes to Bill and Hillary there are always more clouds to follow.

What is even more sad, as my friend noted today on the phone, all the other alternatives for announced presidential candidates are even more bleak, implausible, or even dangerous.

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  1. tom permalink
    March 3, 2016 7:02 PM

    I think you give this problem very thoughtful treatment here which must be hard since Clinton is your choice. You know i have no love for the woman, but I could live with her if Trump were the other choice.

    Beyond my personal feelings about Clinton is the question you raise about double standards. Great damage will be done if America or a large portion of it (Trump fools aside) believes that Mrs. Clinton has been treated differently than an ordinary American who committed (or didn’t) similar acts/crimes.

    In the end there needs to be a whole lot of sunshine here, or this will always be there and will continue to divide the nation.

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