Cut The Whining Complaints Over F-16 Training Flights At Madison’s Truax Field

How loud will it get?

No, I am not talking about the nighttime training flights of F-16 fighter flights which will be conducted this week from Madison’s Truax Field.   Instead I am referring to the loud outcries from the constantly pissed-off crowd who lurch for the phone to contact whoever might avail themselves to the whining calls or use any list serve that will allow their messages to be posted.

How dare those awful military flights take off from Truax and fly the nighttime skies!  Do they not know the cost of each flight and the harm to our environment?   Think again, if you do not believe such outrages are ramping up as I type this post.

Let me put it this way to those sensitive ones who can never see any purpose for our military might.

If barrel bombs were being dropped on you by your own government you would certainly want a world power to come to your rescue.  All of a sudden your desire for a well-trained and highly capable military would be more important than a few nights of a roar over your head as training exercises take place.

The only reason some in this city can complain about these flights–and they do complain about even the daytime ones–is simply due to the fact they have never experienced any conflict like that which is now taking place in Syria or has wracked other places around the globe.  It is so easy to sit in Madison and have nothing more to worry about then if some unwanted noise might be heard at 10 PM.

Meanwhile around the globe people are struggling to stay alive and just hope and pray to their God that somewhere someone with the skill and power to impact their lives for the good will stop the ones inflicting the harm.

I for one welcome the training as I know pilots and maintenance personnel are required to conduct nighttime operations as part of their overall knowledge base should they ever be needed.   I wish them success at their learning.

And yes, for the record, I am able to hear the flights.

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