Caffeinated Politics Facebook Post Goes Viral—Over 13 Million Views (Thus Far)!

Readers to my blog know there is no real way to know what might show up as a blog post.  I write about what interests me, and also what times allows for.  When I heard former First Lady Nancy Reagan died on Sunday I wanted to make note of the passing and wondered what might be the best way to sum up the historic role she played in our country.  It was then one of my favorite pictures from the past came to mind.

The photo showed six First Ladies walking together at the dedication of Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library in 1991.  I posted it here on my blog and also on my Caffeinated Politics Facebook page.    There is no way I could know within hours that post would start to generate interest, shares, and conversation.   As of this posting there have been 13,583,894 people reached by the post and 1,625,445 engaged by the post.    With my humble attempt to honor the life of a former first lady my little blog went viral.  And in a major way.

The largest part of my FB audience for this post (24%) are women between the ages of 55-64.   87% of those who saw my post did so on a mobile device.

Best of all I have been flooded with personal messages that in many ways echo this one below.  It comes from a conservative woman who happens to appreciate that though I have a different political perspective I write in a diplomatic manner.

Ok, let me start by saying that as a staunch, independent Christian conservative, many of our views are polar opposites. That being said, I commend you on your blog. I have seen so many (mostly liberals) write ignorant and degrading comments. Every 4 letter word in the book is used and the misspellings are unbelievable. Maybe because it appears from your picture, we are about the same age, and we were taught the value of the written word. We know how to make points without using four letter words every other line and are thoughtful & respectful regardless of our beliefs. I just wanted to let you know I just found your page, and I respect your views even though I don’t always agree with them. Thank you for a great job!

I have spent lots of time over the past three days taking time to comment with those who have made the effort to reach out to me.   If they took time to write kind notes there was no way not to respond.

When this week started I had less than 200 followers on my CP FB page and as I write this post there are over 10,000.  I am humbled by the reaction.

I never blog for what I think might generate a reaction.    I make no money with this blog and so numbers in-and-of themselves mean nothing.  I write from the heart and have fun.  And when it all clicks and there is a reaction that is pure frosting on the cake.

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