Did Rebecca Bradley Use Womanly Charm On Scott Walker?

I sit tonight at my computer after a day when we learned of the extramarital affair Supreme Court nomine Rebecca Bradley engaged in and wonder how many more parts of her life will be offered as proof as to why she is unsuited to sit on the court.  But to know the reasons why she is not a credible candidate this spring begs the question as to how Governor Scott Walker was so unable or blindsided to not realize the shortcomings of this woman.

Bradley was first appointed to a judgeship shortly before an election, so she could have the image of being an ‘incumbent’ when the voters went to the polls.  She barely gets to know how to run the fax machine in the office when Walker appoints her to the court of appeals.

Once again Bradley hardly gets her desk organized when her easily played friend, Governor Walker, appoints her to the Supreme Court.  And once again shortly before an election so voters might be swayed to think of her as somehow being an ‘incumbent’. (BARF.)

So here is the difficulty I have with now learning this week that she harbors deep hate for gay people, those with AIDS, fails to know how to modulate her resentments, and even shows total lack of self respect by making sure her rants are published.    How did Walker and his team who must have vetted Bradley time and again never notice there was a huge pile of smelly rubbish in her past?

How is it possible that the writings which appeared in the Marquette University newspaper never came to the attention of her Republican buddies?  How did her ethical lapse in regards to her extramarital affair and the case surrounding it not register with those who wanted to promote her?

Could it be that Walker and Company were trying to pass a fast one over the public?

Or was Rebecca Bradley somehow able to use her womanly charm on a governor who had the power she needed to get a step up the legal ladder?  Did  she bat her eyes, or flip her hair back, or tell him much Ronald Reagan would be proud of his anti-union stands?

There has to be some explanation for the total lack of accountability as to how Bradley was able to get this far with such a troubling and tawdry past.   Voters need to know the truth.

7 thoughts on “Did Rebecca Bradley Use Womanly Charm On Scott Walker?

  1. tom

    LOL! I know you libs are worried about losing control of the court forever, but your claims are silly.

    First of all, you forget to mention that whatever beliefs Bradley had in college were no different than those of Obama. If they were, could you please explain the difference? Please also explain how Obama’s twenty-year tenure in Wright’s house of hatred is not a topic for discussion in this context. Please also explain how Bradley’s volunteer work serving children and victims of AIDS is not a substantial indication of the “evolution” of her views since college? She has also happily presided over gay weddings and adoptions: are these not proof of her evolving beliefs?

    As for her infidelity, why is it an issue as important as her judicial record? Do you disqualify Hillary Clinton because she enables sexual abuse on the part of her husband?

    In the end, we can see little evidence that you really care about this or that issue. You could just write more concisely: I don’t like Bradley.

    Looking ahead, the two bitter old lefties are the next to go. This is what is really behind your smearing of Bradley. Its just sad that in following your marching orders, you cheapen your writing.

  2. So Tom is also unable to answer the question of what happened with the vetting process for Bradley. Simply embarrassing not only for the Republicans but also our entire state.

  3. tom

    Nothing is wrong with the vetting process. What she wrote decades ago has little weight today. That she had an “affair” while separated away. Your sexist treatment of her–suggesting that a woman used sex to advance her career is shocking and disturbing.

    The fact that you respond to none of my honest questions merely demonstrated the hateful logic you apply to those who differ from you on core positions.

  4. No, Tom, it is you who fail to answer the question I posed as to “There has to be some explanation for the total lack of accountability as to how Bradley was able to get this far with such a troubling and tawdry past.” You suggesting I have hateful logic is so laughable considering the words and bile the conservative candidate for the court has used to describe gay people, those with AIDS, and her way of demeaning women.

  5. tom

    Okay, let’s try again. We should hold the people responsible for vetting Bradley accountable for the job they have done. I imagine they are members of Walker’s staff. They selected a relatively strong candidate for the bench.

    This being said, how does the fact that you believe the conservatives have said some hateful things about gays and people with AIDS excuse your own sexism? If she were a man your headline would not read “did Bradley use womanly charm?” IF she were a liberal you would explode if someone suggested she had slept with Doyle to get there.

  6. No, Tom. You really are the one who does not get it. At all.

    I am suggesting that there is no plausible way the Walker team did not know what they were selecting three different times for judicial positons. I am not letting them off the hook. Not even an inch off the hook. No one excels at oppo research like Walker and Company does to then somehow just happen to miss the 800 pounds of dung in Bradley’s past. So let us get this straight once and for all. By the very fact they did know means they did not select a “strong candidate for the bench”.

    As to any suggestion of sexism on my part you simply can not be serious.

    After the most ridiculous claims by the “strong candidate for the bench” about date rape you have the chutzpa to say what I write falls outside some line!

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