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National Gay Rights Group Will Play Part In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

March 11, 2016

The reaction from concerned citizens and thoughtful voters has been tremendous as it relates to the exposed bigotry and hate from Rebecca Bradley, candidate for the Supreme Court.  Now added to the long list of others who are fighting back against Bradley’s unacceptable behavior is the Human Rights Campaign.

I am very pleased with this development.  This is one group  I can say has used my money over the years in exactly the way I desired.

Human Rights Campaign spokesman Brandon Lorenz said the group does not typically get involved in state Supreme Court races.

But Bradley’s writings are prompting it to  make calls and send emails to “thousands” of its members in Wisconsin ahead of the April 5 election between Bradley and Appeals Court judge JoAnne Kloppenburg. The goal is to get its members to volunteer on behalf of Kloppenburg and to vote for her. 

“Justice Bradley’s comments were appalling and they raised some very troubling questions about her ability to render fair and impartial decisions,” Lorenz said this week. “And it was because of that that we felt it was really important that our members and supporters know what’s going on and what’s at stake.”

In 1992, Bradley published two letters to the editor and one column in the Marquette University student newspaper that included anti-gay rhetoric. She called gay people “queers” and compared them to “degenerate drug addicts.” Bradley also wrote that gay people commit suicide with their behavior, referring to the contraction of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. 

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  1. orlin sellers permalink
    March 11, 2016 5:26 PM

    (Editors note.

    Orlin Seller made an anti-gay comment on this blog. He knew this blogger is gay and this type of hate speech will get him kicked out.

    Bye, bye!)

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