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GOP Convention All About The Rules

March 14, 2016

On Facebook I have asked Donald Trump supporters to ponder how events might go at the Republican National Convention if their candidate does not have the required number of delegates to secure a first ballot win.   What I am finding is a lack of understanding about how conventions operate or what history shows to be the balloting outcomes through the course of our history.   Some of this lack of awareness is due to many not knowing our history.  Considering the main demographics that comprise Trump followers it would be a bigger surprise if they were able to digest and grasp what happens when the party gathers to place a name in nomination.  These are not America’s best and brightest at Trump campaign rallies, after all.

Trump supporters do not like the fact many within the GOP are strongly suggesting that a brokered convention will take place should Trump not have the required delegates.  And to achieve the goal of denying Trump the nomination strategists for Gov. John Kasich  are studying arcane party rules.  Those rules might be scorned and found revolting to the ones with no knowledge of our political history, but they are the way to free the Republican Party from the mess they now find themselves.

Make no mistake of what I am saying.  In no way should these words make it seem likely that a brokered convention will take place or if events develop, that the outcome would be easy for the establishment to obtain.

But there is a path for Kasich  with the strong support of anti-Trump forces who are as unwilling to support Ted Cruz as the crazy and dangerous billionaire.   All think it very likely that by Wednesday night Marco Rubio, after losing Florida, will be out of the race.  Therefore a surge by Kasich will be the key to stopping Trump from amassing the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

In the offing, should the weeks ahead be good to Kasich, are those arcane rules that will prove to be kind to the ones who best know and employ them.

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