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Hillary Clinton’s Super Night–Or Nightmare?

March 15, 2016

This is the Super Tuesday we all have been waiting for.    We have a married couple arriving for a night of politics–and they are even bringing the main dish.   How much easier does it get?

Everyone is aware of the stakes tonight for the Republican Party with the need to push back against Donald Trump in Ohio with John Kasich or blunt the forward movement of the billionaire in North Carolina with Ted Cruz over-performing.

But for many of us wit ideals planted in the Democratic Party our eyes will be focused on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

There are two Midwestern states that concern me when it comes to the desire–or a better word I think is need–for Clinton to prevail.    Ohio and Illinois are both polling in ways that could give the front runner that lift in the sails that removes her from needing to think about any more serious challenge from Sanders.

But I have my doubts as to whether she can win either tonight and thus set up a many week slog-fest in state after state for delegates.    Now she could still fare well in the manner delegates are divided tonight even if she loses both contests.  But the chink in her armor and the degree to which she would be dogged by some in the party and the media would be worse than a thousand paper cuts.  It also harms her for the general election.

I will readily admit her messaging has been simply awful.  Coming out of Michigan I just knew there would be a fresher and more robust dialogue on economic issues.  There had to be after taking it on the chin with white working-class voters.  Right?

Well anyone who thought such a new approach would be tried has found themselves to be wrong.   There needed to have been a shakeup in the Clinton campaign for several months.  After tonight and what I fear is coming will make that change a requirement.

I still hold that Clinton will be the nominee and understand the path mathematically for Sanders is very challenging even if the news is good for him tonight.   But the damaging image created for Clinton by Sanders will linger and prove troubling in the fall campaign.  Sanders wants to change the party along with the power structure in Washington.  But he is working to disable the only vehicle that can make for any change in this election cycle.

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