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Bernie Sanders Can’t Prevail, So Why Keep Undermining Frontrunner Hillary Clinton?

March 17, 2016

There is fun to be had in campaigns.  Who does not enjoy the bunting and music, the crowds and applause, the reporters and polls, the debates and rhetoric?  I get why people wish to run for office. I fully grasp why there is a love for the drama and energy of a race–even on days when there is nothing more to give and yet the candidate plunges towards one more rope-line.  I have never run as a candidate for office but was campaign manager for a state assembly candidate and years prior to that for a county sheriff contender.   I appreciate the effort that it takes to win.

But there comes a time when the rationale for waging a race has been spent.  There comes a time to fold tents and load the podium and head back to the place one came from prior to making the announcement for running.

That is where Bernie Sanders now finds himself.

There is no way to plot a path where there is any chance of Sanders overcoming his insurmountable delegate deficit.  It was painful for anyone–Sanders supporter or otherwise– to not wince yesterday as his campaign tried to convince anyone who still listened to such pie-in-the-sky theories why pushing on made sense.   Saying they want every voter in the Democratic column to have a chance now to register their views at the ballot box seems not to account for how Democrats will feel if the eventual nominee is forced to needlessly spend more funds now and thereby face a tougher fall election.  To hear some in the Sanders campaign explain it the road now gets easier but there is scant polling that this newcomer to the Democratic Party can point to in any credible way to buttress his point.   It now is just sad to watch.

Bernie Sanders is not going to get his revolution.   It was a great line but never constructed in any political reality.   He had his time in the limelight and will have a night for his views at the convention.   But the page has turned and his name does not appear in the next chapter.

It is time for Sanders to do the honorable thing and step off the presidential stage.

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