You Just Knew I Would Post This About Richard Nixon And Donald Trump

From today’s Wall Street Journal.

Richard Nixon forgot more about foreign policy than Mr. Trump has ever known, and he still brought in Henry Kissinger.

The WSJ has continually and correctly taken a sour tone with Donald Trump, who is a most dangerous and outrageous choice for the Republican nomination.    The whole editorial is worth a read but the portion from which I posted above reads….

George H.W. Bush, a former Vice President and CIA director, had James Baker and Dick Cheney. All Presidents need trusted lieutenants who have thought about the world. On stage with Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump will have to do more than point to his real-estate deals as a qualification for negotiating with China’s Xi Jinping.

Maybe Mr. Trump figures he can keep blustering his way to the White House. But the anti-Trump coalition could grow if voters see a front-runner who won’t debate, threatens riots if he doesn’t win, and whose foreign-policy brain trust consists of one brain.

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