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Most Intriguing Story You Probably Missed This Week

March 19, 2016

If I were a history teacher this story is one I would include no matter what region of the world or time period we were studying.   This story did not receive the play I wish it had given how intriguing it is to those who love to ponder the unknowns about King Tut.

Where is Queen Nefertiti buried? It’s one of the biggest mysteries in Egyptology, and today, archaeologists might be one step closer to an answer.

Researchers have been radar-scanning the walls of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings in search of hidden chambers.

Now, NPR’s Leila Fadel tells our Newscast unit that analysis of scans conducted in November shows there are two empty spaces behind the walls. And those spaces may contain organic or metallic material.

The presence of organic or metal objects would certainly add weight to the theory that the tomb contains hidden chambers — but, as Leila reports, more advanced scans are required before authorities can say for sure.

“And if there are chambers, then Egypt will decide how and when to get into those chambers and see whether this is the burial site of [Tut’s relative] Queen Nefertiti,” Leila says.

At a press conference today, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh el-Damaty “declined to comment on whether royal treasure or mummies could be inside,” The Associated Press reported.

But he didn’t mince words about what this discovery could mean.

“For Egypt it is a very big discovery — it could be the discovery of the century. … It is very important for Egyptian history and for all of the world,” Damaty said, according to the wire service.


Some of the treasures inside the tomb of King Tut in Luxor, Egypt, in 1923.

Some of the treasures inside the tomb of King Tut in Luxor, Egypt, in 1923.





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