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Political Cartoons Of Terrorism In Brussels

March 22, 2016

International cartoonists have been working for hours on the latest outrage that struck humanity.  The brutal and skillfully designed bombings in Brussels has brought to the forefront the horror and terror that such events are designed to create.  But to those who spawn such vile hate and idiocy society collectively shows from one part of the globe to the next that we do not bend, kneel, or retreat from our daily lives.  Collectively we hold our heads up, wipe some tears, and move forward.     The vast majority of the world’s population understands there is no way to blast your way to modernity.

Now to the cartoons from the other side of the world who are now preparing their morning newspapers.


177047_600 177048_600 177054_600

177035_600 177038_600 177042_600 177043_600


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