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BREAKING–Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Extramarital Affairs With Five Different Women

March 25, 2016

First let us start with the obvious.


Who wants to have sex with Senator Ted Cruz?  I think sex with Pat Buchanan would be more tolerable.  At least afterwards there would be some interesting conversation!

But there is a bombshell of a story now breaking that Republican operatives are investigating rumors Ted Cruz has had extramarital affairs with at least five different women.  That story is reported in the National Enquirer.  We know the rag is a nasty tabloid but there is no denying it also has a track record of getting the dirt and correctly so on many of the big headlines they publish.

Gawker is also reporting on this huge story. The actual story—which is not online, but which Gawker has obtained a copy of—does not name any of the women with whom Cruz purportedly was involved. Descriptions are given for each, however, and at least one should sound very familiar to folks who have been following this election.

Why this matters, of course, is the hypocrisy of a Bible-thumping, one-man-one-woman anti-gay marriage line of irrationality from a harsh conservative wishing to be president.

Wisconsin is about to have more GOP politics leading up to our primary than it might be able to handle.

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  1. March 31, 2016 11:19 AM

    First, I do not make the news, or even report it. Instead I comment on it. There is also a title for this blog. It reads Caffeinated Politics. The title was chosen on purpose to show that this blogger finds politics interesting and punchy. So no one can be surprised that the Cruz cheating story was posted.

    There is no way that a story of this magnitude was printed in the publication without some solid sourcing. There is also no way that the legal team at the publication would have allowed the story to be printed if there was not truth to the story. I made the calculation at once that there was more to the story than what was printed. I still hold to the conclusion. This is not the last the nation will hear of this matter.

    As to any partisan feelings I have over reports of this type making the press it should be noted that I was very impressed with John Edwards—was even supporting him for the nomination. When it was revealed he had cheated on his wife I lanced him on this blog.

    As to Teddy White I am very sure he would have included the Cruz story in a book about this race. White lived in a time when Eisenhower’s long-time mistress or the girlfriends of JFK were not mentioned in the press. Those self-induced standards on reporters have now ended, and as such White would have reported the Cruz cheating story. He was, after all a thorough journalist.

    Finally, as to Cruz’s religion—perhaps you are correct. My use of the term “bible-thumper” gives all those who fall under the term a bad rap when allowing Cruz to share the same. Cruz has a religious perspective that is radical and is often referred to as Dominionism. He is perhaps the most insincere politician running this cycle and that says a great deal. Cruz is a religious nut to such a degree he can not even afford to be honest about his religious beliefs.

    But apparently his faith allows for broken wedding vows. His cheating is the crux of this post, comment, and mark my words this national story is a long ways from over.

  2. tom permalink
    March 31, 2016 10:16 AM

    What would Teddy White write?

    You see, in choosing this topic to write about, what you reveal is that you are not so very far above the Trumpkins. You admire Teddy White as a pithy and insightful political writer, but what is pithy or insightful about this type of post?

    The first problem is that your primary source is The National Inquirer, a tabloid wholly controlled by a close friend of Trump’s who has similarly published all kinds of nasty stories about Bill and Hillary. Do those hold more credibility or interest in your eyes now? We both know the answer there, but, still, it serves your general purpose–being a good soldier–so the reader is easily able to see that despite your claims about the “lawyers” your interest lies not in the truth, but somewhere else.

    And then there is your actual commentary. You begin with the low humor to amuse your audience: “EWWW! Who would want to have sex with Ted Cruz?” Hardly the stuff of a pithy and insightful writer, I think. You have to ask yourself, would Teddy White be so careless with words? Would he think so little of the audience?

    Your excitement culminates with your regular big point about any Republican: “Why this matters, of course, is the hypocrisy of a Bible-thumping, one-man-one-woman anti-gay marriage line of irrationality from a harsh conservative wishing to be president.” The first problem here is that your claim depends on Mr. Cruz being an adulterer. In the several days which have followed this, almost everyone on the planet has come to realize the story is obviously false. Therefore, the story doesn’t matter. I’m not sure what you mean by “Bible thumping” but I imagine it just means you don’t like Cruz when everything else is stripped away. As for the irrationality of being “one-man-one-woman anti-gay marriage,” these are two separate issues not to be conflated. Rationality would suggest that one should seek long term committed relationships. the benefits to this in terms of life expectancy and child raising are well documented. Id be willing to bet that this is the case in all types of relationships, but if you have contradicting evidence, I’m open to see it. I would not characterize being “anti gay marriage” as irrational, just socially and emotionally under developed. Like Mrs. Clinton and President Obama who were at one point deeply anti gay marriage, many have “evolved” because they have become more compassionate, not because they have become more rational.

    Finally, I’m not ashamed about party trying hard to fight off an insurgent candidate who is very stupid and has achieved success largely by appealing to anger in the millions who have become angry during the past eight years of hope and change. But Trump is a Democrat and a usurper. I do think that any pithy and insightful writer like Teddy White would be very alarmed with the disaster of Trump. He is not just a problem for Republicans, however, since the next president will be president of these people, too. How will Hillary reach out to them?

  3. March 29, 2016 11:11 PM


    I comment and weigh in on the issues that are reported. If you are ashamed of your party just leave it. The fact they reported it–after needing to clear the hurdle with their lawyers for any story of this magnitude gave me more than enough reason to comment.

  4. tom permalink
    March 29, 2016 10:12 PM

    Typical for this blog. No swamp too deep. Where are those high ideas and small town values. This must have been the type of stuff the people of Hancock considered insight. Lol! I suppose you’ll post in a week about lost civility with some obscure reference to Jefferson or Nixon.

    This is a good soldier blog, though.

  5. orlin sellers permalink
    March 26, 2016 11:15 AM

    I don’t think anything has been proven either way, hence the term, ‘alleged’. I found it interesting that a Rubio ally has been named as the source of the story.

  6. March 25, 2016 9:24 PM

    I think pkarm is too funny. Lets see now he says “The story has been proven false”. Hmmm……..The Washington Post was looking into the affairs but had only confirmed two out of the five the National Enquirer claims…..yeah there goes pkarm without his facts again. He also is not aware that in spite of the NE being a tabloid they have been right about affairs for John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Gary Hart, and others. They have a pretty solid record. This wouldn’t be the first presidential campaign they took down by publishing the dirty truth about a candidate. We also know they would not make such claims without proof for legal reasons. Pkarm is not aware of the legal checks regarding this type of story that all such stories need to go through prior to publishing. Proven false……..Hah!

  7. March 25, 2016 7:27 PM

    Wow never expected this tabloid journalism from someone who writes about the nature of talk radio and tabloid news. Sort of speaks volumes as to the kind of person you really are not the media stalwart you pretend to be. The story has been proven false but you just keep it up here and embarrass yourself. Sad to see this. I bet when Bill Clinton was sticking cigars into young interns while in the White House he was given a free pass. But a tabloid unsubstantiated story and you act like you have just broke a new Watergate story.

  8. pattilynn9 permalink
    March 25, 2016 2:57 PM

    LusTED – CheaTED – Lyin’TED

    . . . another rumored, Amanda Carpenter. So many (yuck) questions?

  9. March 25, 2016 12:51 PM

    There’s no small irony with the latest vitriol from Trump — even if it suggests a Cruz-focused scenario that leaves one wondering how any female would want to “break a commandment” with someone generally reviled by his Senate colleagues. But Trump probably wins the title of “Biggest Creep.” After all, Trump’s serial adultery is well-documented. (The instance that still sends stomach acid into my mouth is how Trump actually tried to engage Princess Diana!) There is also irony that someone who seems to draw a link between females who oppose his politics ALWAYS seem to end up being labeled “ugly”. How sad that Trump’s combination of childishness and megalomaniacal, bigoted ignorance actually seem to make Cruz a viable alternative. No wonder the Republican Party is dying off before our eyes. (That loud sound in the background may be the ghosts of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln crying and/or rolling in their respective graves….)

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