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Donald Trump’s Hatred Of Strong Women Grows, Worries GOP

March 25, 2016

The memories of Donald Trump calling women “‘bimbo”, “dog”, “fat pig” and a host of other similar type comments has already placed the possible GOP nominee as the most reviled politician in America this year.

What is happening this week not only underscores the reasons he can be called a total misogynist, but also doubles down on the reasons why so many Republicans are nervous about his possible nomination.    The fear exhibited from them is real–as he has a good chance at not only harming the party brand for years, but taking down a number of GOP candidates this cycle.

The late-night tweets from trump about Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is simply impossible to believe if they were not actually out there for all to see–and gasp at.

Taking issue with an independent super PAC ad featuring a naked swanky photo of former model Melania Trump,  the bombastic orange-skinned man warned he would “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz.   I strongly suspect Heidi knew better than to spread her legs for money.  Something tells me there are no beans to spill.

Cruz then fired back that it was not his group, and warned Trump to stay away from his wife. But Trump, in his woman-hating usual way–did it again, leading Cruz to call Trump a “sniveling coward” at a press conference in the small town of Dane, Wisconsin.

Is it any wonder that Republican operatives are fretting Trump’s treatment of women will come back to bite them in the general election?

After all gender politics plays to the hand Democrats wish to promote this fall.  The mess surrounding Trump is a perfect script for November.  His long history of incendiary remarks about women and their appearance will be worth many electoral votes.   The GOP will pay a price for allowing their nominee to have a long list of sexist and demeaning statements about women trailing him every day to the election.

Women have every reason to feel outrage at Trump and the Republican Party has every reason to fear the wrath of the voters.

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