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Georgia Needs To Feel More Heat Over Anti-Gay Legislation

March 28, 2016

UPDATE……Gov. Nathan Deal announced he will veto this bill that would have curtailed the rights of Georgia’s LGBT community.


Nip it, nip it in the bud.

That is sage advice regarding many matters that come before unenlightened members of state legislatures nationwide.  This year that advice should have been employed in Georgia.

Instead the conservative forces in the Georgia legislature made a dreadful decision and in so doing have placed Governor Nathan Neal in the midst of a controversy.  At the heart of the matter is the need for Neal to make sure the discriminatory language in a recently passed bill with its wretched intent of misguided and bigoted language under the guise of religious liberty is vetoed.  The governor has until may 3rd to act.

The bill is pure hate and solely designed to undermine the Supreme Court ruling allowing for same sex marriage.   The bill would protect faith-based institutions from providing services for same sex couples.  They can use taxpayer money through grants and contracts to deny services based on their religious views.  Faith based groups could also adopt discriminatory hiring and firing practices for people who have different beliefs.   We simply can not allow any of that to happen.

But what the bill really does is violate our national values and principles of inclusion along with the ability of all people to live and work free from those who seek to undermine them in the name of their religion.

I am sincerely delighted with the national backlash this matter has received.

As the days progress the number of major companies and national organizations have escalated their ire with Georgia. There is no way for the governor to truly support the best interests of his state other than to veto this dreadful price of conservative hate.

We have seen Walt Disney Co., Netflix, Weinstein Co., Amblin Partners and other entertainment industry firms firmly state they would cease production in Georgia if the legislation is signed. They’ve joined other companies and institutions, including Atlanta-based heavyweights Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and Emory University, which have come out to oppose the bill.  Sports organization have let it be known they are opposed to hate, as well.  A future Super Bowl game hangs in the balance.

Make no mistake about how this ends.   The national interests have Georgia right where we want them to be when it comes to being dependent on the economic might we provide to them.  If Georgia is not aware how to treat people fairly the rest of us who know will assist that southern state in how it must operate.  After all Georgia is the third largest place for television production in the country. In recent years the state has offered hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to producers and studios, and has grown accustomed to celebrities and big budget films.   They are not about to lose all that over a bunch of three-thumbed twits not liking how gay people have civil rights for marriage.

Social issues like this are decided when liberals and progressives take a stand.  Threatening to pull funds worth hundreds of millions of dollars is the best way to send a message to those who still need reminding of what is not be allowed in America.

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