Union Victory At Supreme Court Due To Vacancy

There was a much needed victory at the Supreme Court today.  Due to the tie vote the court handed a win to labor unions in a high-profile dispute over their ability to collect union fees.

Today the justices divided 4-4 in a case that considered whether public employees represented by a union can be required to pay ‘fair share’ fees covering collective bargaining costs even if they are not members. The split vote leaves in place an appeals court ruling that upheld the practice.

It may not be the best way to secure a win, but after the partisan hell that working men and women have had to endure I say we smile and applaud.

Make no mistake about this matter.  Had Justice Scalia lived organized labor would have taken it on the chin in an almost certain 5-4 ruling that would have overturned a practice in place for nearly 40 years.

Hatred for the unions among conservatives will have to wait for another case to make it to the high bench.

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