Wisconsin Poll Shows Donald Trump May Face Major Loss In Wisconsin Primary

It is no secret that I have no time for Ted Cruz.  He is a dis-credited and despised senator who is loathed by those who know him, and is a sinister and mean-spirited conservative.  Still, I find him useful in the Wisconsin primary.

That is because Donald Trump is the most dangerous person running for president in my lifetime and must be stopped.  Cruz seems about to further that process in the April 5th election.

Today the latest Marquette Law School Poll was released and it shows what we need to hear.  Cruz has leaped ahead of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Cruz received support from 40 percent of likely Republican voters, Trump received 30 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich trailed with 21 percent.

On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leads frontrunner Hillary Clinton, 49-45.

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Poll Shows Donald Trump May Face Major Loss In Wisconsin Primary

  1. orlin sellers

    I can’t disagree with you about Cruz, but I have yet to read or hear anyone make an intelligent, fact-based case as to Trump being dangerous to America’s or the American peoples’ interests.

  2. Let me use just one example.

    One of the reasons–in places like Brussels—for some in the Islamic community to say they feel distanced from others and not immersed into the culture and therefore are easy prey for extremists to recruit—can be used against Trump in America.

    This land has made great strides in immersion of all cultures. So to have a ban on Muslims or to use them as a religious test or to attempt to marginalize them undercuts the success we have made. It only gives extremists with a mission a broader array of people to prey on. That then hurts the nation.

    It is just example of many that can be made to demonstrate Trump is not intelligent, cares little about policy, and does not understand social forces, our history or that of other nations.

  3. orlin sellers

    Because Brussels, Paris, Cologne, London allow in an unlimited amount of Muslims these cities must be terrorized to show what will happen if they aren’t allowed in?

    Trump and his words caused 9/11, bombing of the Towers, the USS Cole, several bombings of Embassies, Benghazi, San Bernadino, etc? That’s your theory?

    Are you suggesting that Trump’s Wall talk has Mexicans plotting terrorist attacks against us right this moment?

    Let’s not even consider “Blowback” for bombing, invading and occupying their Muslim countries.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I gotta think that drones targeting innocent Muslims at their funerals, weddings and then returning to more funerals might tend to do a bit more harm than Trump’s big mouth.

  4. There is no way what I wrote can be construed in the fashion you did. Let me say it again—making Muslims feel like they are not a part of the fabric of this nation is dangerous. And un-American

  5. orlin sellers

    I don’t think I misconstrued your words: Donald Trumps words are a recruiting tool for terrorists.
    I said blowback for policies of the last 4 presidents was a more likely cause. Do you disagree with that?

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