Why I Support Hillary Clinton In Wisconsin Primary

It is not hard to be on the side of what is best for the country.

I fully understand that taking a very vocal and proud stand for Hillary Clinton on the isthmus of Madison this spring is akin to wearing the colors of the competing team to Camp Randal on a football Saturday.

But facing such obstacles is not new to me.  I was, after all, the first Democrat in my immediate family.  And it probably comes as no surprise a very energetic one, too.  It took time but my Dad, a WWII veteran, changed his party affiliation and by the time the last national election was held while he lived our ballots both reflected shared values.

So while I understand many of my friends are giving strong voice to the reason Bernie Sanders is the route to a more perfect nation I need to hold firm to the position where I feel most comfortable.

For the past decades I have been constantly convinced that when it comes to understanding politics or dealing with critics the ability shown up Clinton to rise to the needs of the time places her heads and shoulders above her peers.

I was strongly in her camp when she fought for health care while President Bill Clinton was in office.   She proved to be grounded in facts as she worked to make a difference for Americans.    While under fire from many sides she never wavered in her commitment.  That is the type of leader I respect.

When she was faced with a constant barrage of criticism over Benghazi I was impressed with how she constantly kept to the facts and was most agile in moving the focus of the partisan drama to the congressional Republicans.  She may not be as punchy on the political stage as her husband when it comes to giving a speech but her handling of partisans on investigating committees allows for all to know she is not a light weight.  There is steel and determination in this woman.  And I like that.

I am simply stunned to know there are polls galore that show some in this nation want candidates with no resume or governing experience.  That is perhaps the most unexplainable part to this election cycle.    There is no way to fathom how people could desire such a candidate to be elected.

For me the deep resume and wide-ranging skill set that Clinton brings with her are front and center as to why she has my strong support.    There is a national requirement when it comes to the weighty international issues the next president will confront.  We must have a president with a skilled diplomatic mind in the White House along with a resume of proven accomplishments.

When it comes to the two or three likely openings on the Supreme Court in the next four years I want a president who knows, as I do, that our living constitution is the root of the republic in which we live.   I do not want to see strict constructionists appointed to the court.

At a time when political division and partisan rancor in Washington is more often the norm than the exception I want a pragmatic leader who knows what needs to be done when it comes to governing a nation of robust and competing ideas.   I want someone in the Oval Office who understands that compromise is the way to make government operate and move forward.

As I have watched over the months as the campaigns have played out in debates, and primaries one fact keeps coming back to me over and over.  Not in my lifetime–let me say that again–NOT IN MY LIFETIME (53 years) has such an impressive person with a skill set like this sought the presidency.  There is no way even the most partisan Republican or the most loyal Sanders supporter can deny this fact.

For me there is no doubt who has earned my vote.  There is no one who has proved to be smarter or more capable.  There is no one I am more willing this election to give my support to than Hillary Clinton.

7 thoughts on “Why I Support Hillary Clinton In Wisconsin Primary

  1. Pat Buckley

    Very well said…People’s reasons to vote for others with little to no experience stuns me…Bernie has many years in office but was not a leader nor did he have the talent to get things done…Hillary has been amazing in all the areas you noted…

  2. Why I support Bernie Solly

    In MULTIPLE previous posts, you question why Bernie is still running…..May it please the Court:
    Hillary Clinton, Champion of a $12 Minimum Wage, Will Now Take Credit for New York’s New $15 Minimum By scwlaw on DAILY KOS – Monday Apr 04, 2016 · 6:07 AM CDT We were told we should reject Bernie and support Hillary because she was practical and could get things done while Bernie was just a fuzzy-headed socialist ideologue with a lot of “free stuff” notions that appeal to self-centered, immature youngsters. We were told that Bernie’s call for a $15 minimum wage was just pie in the sky idealism and bad economics. Hillary told us $15 is too high, the right goal is $12. Now, after jurisdiction after jurisdiction has followed Bernie’s lead and enacted $15 per hour minimum wage laws (Seattle, Los Angeles, now New York), Hillary will appear, on Monday, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, to take credit for the new law. As Mark Provost points out, Bernie gets things done, while Hillary “shows up on trophy day.” It isn’t even election day — we haven’t even chosen a nominee yet, it is still nine months to Inauguration Day — and Bernie is already producing results, actual, concrete, tangible results.

  3. Considering that Sanders has been in congress for a couple decades and has no real resume of success with legislation I guess one now needs to allow him credit for what other legislative bodies are dong.

  4. Why I support Bernie Solly

    He wasn’t the unclassy hypocritical democratic candidate who stopped by to bask in the glow of an idea she said was unrealistic…………to show up on trophy day.

  5. orlin sellers

    Originally it appeared as though the HRC candidacy was like Bob Dole’s in 1996, it was his ‘turn’. Now it appears that Hillary simply is the best presidential candidate money can buy.

  6. And of course Hillary has the most workable plan to remove large amounts of cash from campaigns, undo the much reviled Citizens United, and bring common sense to the out of control spending in elections.

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