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My Letter To Editor In Cap Times: Political Pragmatism, Not Just Unbounded Enthusiasm, Needed To Pick Candidate

April 4, 2016

Today my Letter to the Editor was posted online regarding the column last week written by Paul Fanlund.

Deal Editor:

Just a fast note to express my sincere appreciation for the thoughts and tone Paul Fanlund so correctly expressed in his column “Count me out of the Bernie ‘revolution.'” I am 53 and term myself a liberal Democrat. I feel just as feisty about my politics as when I was 25. But over the years I have learned that pragmatism is as much a needed commodity as unbounded enthusiasm. History is a great teacher as to why this matters.

This week your site linked my blog post in Caffeinated Politics, which asked if Bernie Sanders is not the modern-day Gene McCarthy. I too hearkened back to the Nixon victory in 1968 which allowed for so much national discord. 

I trust with words and publications like yours we can learn from the past. We really must win the White House in 2016.

So while I am sure you will feel some backlash over your article I wanted to make sure you also know how much it is needed at this time.

Gregory Humphrey

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