Bernie Sanders Loves Gun Lobby, Not Parents Of Dead School Children

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came rightfully under blistering fire today for opposing efforts by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims to sue gun manufacturers.  It is simply galling to read the words of someone who wants to represent the Democratic Party as the nominee and yet fails so miserably to connect with voters on such an important issue.

I need not remind long-term readers what those who fail to grasp the danger of the gun lobby do not fare well on this blog.  But to read that Sanders, in an exclusive interview with the Daily News  said, “No, I don’t,” when asked if victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer is more than stunning.

There is no way to defend or rationalize such absolute schlock from an appeaser of the gun lobby.

He will be raked over the political coals on this and other issues that he was not able to deal with in the interview.

Not for the first time has his cozy and shameful relationship with the gun lobby been the source for many news stories about the senator.  This time the candidate himself stepped into the center of what is a real crap storm.


8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Loves Gun Lobby, Not Parents Of Dead School Children

  1. tom

    Crap storm? Hardly. Nobody committed to Sanders will change their mind over this issue. I do love the exaggeration in your headline, though. LOL!

    But is does seem strange–I’ll grant you that. So much of Sander’s platform is based on the idea that people are incapable babies, unable to look after their own lives. The rest of his platform is based on resentment. Mean corporations and “the rich” are keeping the people down for some unknown purpose. Its hard to believe people stupid or listless enough to vote for Sanders wouldn’t buy the guns kill, not people, argument. They probably do, but the “envy them” and “gimme gimme” arguments are more powerful to weak minds and souls.

  2. What I think will change, Tom, is the media scrutiny of Sanders is about to increase many fold in the next two weeks He has not had the level of media attention in a deep background sense that others have had applied to their candidacies. That is why this matters so much–in my estimation.

  3. tom

    While Bernie’s illusion will crack under media scrutiny (and you are very right about that if today’s headlines are to be believed), I don’t think the zeal of his supporters will falter.

    Bernie was kind of exposed today on his lack of a plan to break up banks, for example. This will demonstrate to the rest of us why his passion is useless without a detailed understanding of all the various issues–and perhaps that Hillary IS a smarter choice.

    The problem is people are too closed minded and emotional. How long have I been reading this blog? Am I voting for Hillary? LOL!

  4. tom

    Solly is correct that the Daily News is misrepresenting the position of Sanders in this case, however. He is correct to state that the gun makers should not be sued for selling a legal product and that the legislature, not the courts, are the proper place to determine which products are legal. As a process hawk, I’m sure you actually agree with Sanders on this point and believe the suit should be dropped. Sanders has a D/D- NRA rating, but he isn’t going to completely abandon the constitution.

  5. tom

    When used lawfully, cigarettes are harmful. That is not the case with guns. That is a big difference. Otherwise, people can sue producers if their products are defective.

    Either way, you are too emotional on this issue to really debate the point. I still don’t think this will do Sanders any harm.

  6. Not emotional–but factual. The newspaper asked Sanders about the lawsuit against the makers of the Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle. The crux of the suit involves that the makers knew the rifle was unsuitable for civilian use when it was marketed. I think this is a proper argument and one the courts should be assigned. That is how the process works in America.

    I might also add that the interview which you write “is misrepresenting the position of Sanders in this case” has been lauded by journalists as the type of grinding down to the nuts and bolts on the issues that candidates should be required to address. There is no way to misrepresent what Sanders himself stated.

    I think the issue has legs as this is an area (NE USA) of the nation where gun laws among liberals is an important matter in elections.

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