Donald Trump’s Brown Shirts

One of the must reads from the world of politics today concern the tactics of the fascists in the Donald Trump campaign.

The fracas in Janesville was only one example of the aggressive tactics Trump’s security has been using to tamp down even peaceful protests. A POLITICO investigation revealed that Trump has assembled a privately funded security and intelligence force with a far wider reach than other campaigns’ private security operations: tracking and rooting out protesters, patrolling campaign events and supplementing the Secret Service protection of the billionaire real estate showman during his nontraditional campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.

The investigation ― which utilized Federal Election Commission reports, state licensing records, court filings and interview accounts or testimony from more than a dozen people who’ve crossed paths with Trump’s security ― found that the tactics of Trump’s team at times inflamed the already high tensions around his divisive campaign, rather than defusing them.  

The Trump campaign could be forced to publicly justify its security tactics in June when a New York state court is set to evaluate the evidence-collection process in a little-noticed case brought by a handful of protesters who allege they were assaulted by five Trump security officials during a raucous protest outside the campaign’s Manhattan headquarters in September. The protesters’ lawyers have asked the Trump campaign to release its contracts for security, its guidelines for use of force, its security team’s personnel records, and complaints against its members ― including for excessive force, assault, battery or “violation of any federal or state constitutional right.”

Among Trump critics who’ve had run-ins with his security, complaints include unnecessary force, discriminatory profiling and removing people from events based on little more than their appearance. Some question whether the force’s members are properly trained and certified for the work they’re doing, while others assert that the force acts as if it has the power of the law behind it.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Brown Shirts

  1. orlin sellers

    Complaints are not charges. Even they are suspect after the phony Michelle Phillips ‘battery’ charge. Now, who would be the first to tolerate a disruption at say, a wedding, in a hall you have rented for your event? Would you tolerate such behavior? Wouldn’t you want security to provide a safe and peaceful setting?

  2. Being an apologist for this brazen and intolerable activity that is caught on film at Trump rallies is simply beneath you—or should be. When shown to the public what these rallies consist of means we need to stand on the side of a political process without violence and without those who use the tactics of fascists to make a point. You are willfully being ignorant.

  3. orlin sellers

    Who’s apologizing? When someone comes to your house/property and causes a ruckus let me know how you react. And knowing they are coming would you not be prepared?

    Question: what if Trump supporters were doing the same thing at Hillary’s events. Oh, I know, the Trump people would STILL be the Brown shirts. Try a little honesty, here.

  4. By your words and tone you are condoning and apologizing for the very type of behavior and activity at Trump rallies that people on the both sides of the political aisle have been denouncing for weeks. There is no room for toleration in how Trump encourages his crowds of angry white males to behave, or how we should tolerate the lowering of the bar in our election process.

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