Ending Wisconsin Primary On A Higher Note

The bombast and endless campaign commercials in Wisconsin are now over–at least until the general election begins.    Late this afternoon to escape the last hours of coverage until the votes started to be counted I watched a 30-minute campaign film from Richard Nixon’s 1968 race for the nomination.  It was recently aired on C-SPAN.

In spite of black and white film and dated in how such presentations are now undertaken it was refreshing to watch.

There was Nixon standing onstage at UW-Stevens Point prior to the primary with a clean cut crowd in front of him.  It was there he offered a funny comment.

Once when he was seated with Bob Hope the comedian turned and said “Dick, if we both faced each other and went nose to nose it would be a great ad for Sunny Valley.”

It was simple, corny, and yet after what we endured with Donald Trump this past week it was just perfect.  A nice way to end the current Wisconsin Primary season by recalling one from the past.

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