“One Ballot Every 20 Seconds” At One Madison Isthmus Polling Station

At the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center where James and I vote there was plenty of excitement as we cast our vote shortly after 1:30 P.M.

Walking to the polls we saw people coming and going from the building in numbers that we generally do not see at that time on voting days.  It should be noted this is always about the time we cast ballots–just a tradition we started since moving here nearly 9 years ago.

Our polling station has two wards with a combined number eligible voters numbering slightly over 3,700.  I was number 949.

When I spoke with the energetic polling captain he told me that his calculations show a remarkable turnout for our democracy.   “One ballot every 20 seconds”, he stated with a smile that allowed me to know he was pumped and giddy about the turnout.

The workers are grounded for what is about to happen in a couple hours when the evening numbers come in heavy.  Statewide turnout is predicted at 40%–which would tie what took place during the 1980 Wisconsin presidential primary.

As I left the polling station a woman gave me a sticker showing that I voted.  As I did with each poll worker after making contact I thanked them for their service today.  The lady with the stickers told me it was her first time as a worker and she was thinking about her mother who had at one time worked the polls.  When I asked for what election that would have been she said it was Adlai Stevenson back in 1952 and 1956.

As I left her there was a warm nostalgic look on her face as she prepared to offer a sticker to the next voter to leave the polling station.

God, I love Election Day!!

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