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This Is The Key For Hillary Clinton To Clinch Nomination

April 6, 2016

At some point there will be no more ways for the Bernie Sanders campaign to pretend there is a path forward to the nomination.  The way to argue some mathematical path existed for the nomination evaporated weeks ago.

Even the win by Sanders in Wisconsin–and yes it was impressive from a purely political point of view–moved the needle not at all for the all important delegate count.  But while the Wisconsin primary was an open contest the real meat-and-potato primaries to come are closed–and that will cost the newcomer to the Democratic Party.

New York is a closed primary.  Why that matters is due to how all those independents–which cast their ballot 72%-28% in Wisconsin–won’t be able to vote for the socialist in most of the remaining contests.  In fact, of the 16 remaining primaries, just three are completely open contest to cross-over voters.

One wonders how long before the Sanders campaign smells the coffee.

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