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Favorite Newspaper Movies

April 8, 2016

This morning I started thinking about those old movies which made newspapers central to their plot.  After a quick search I came to Robert Feder’s page.  Had my coffee been stronger I would have just started with his page.   When it comes to matters relating to media there is no higher authority.

Even my esteemed colleague Roger Ebert joined the conversation, questioning me for leaving out two contemporary newspaper movies, Zodiac (2007) and State of Play (2009).

Other readers were just as passionate about favorites of theirs missing from my list, including The Paper (1994), Absence of Malice (1981), Nothing Sacred (1937), The Public Eye (1992), Foreign Correspondent (1940) and two versions of The Front Page (1931 and 1974).

But all lists are conversation starters, as Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal pointed out at the time with his own provocative list, adding: “What’s the point, if you can’t have some fun discussing it.” In that spirit, here are my top 10 favorite newspaper movies.


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