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Paul Krugman Hammers Bernie Sanders

April 8, 2016

One of the things noticeable about this election cycle is the lack of grinding down on the presidential candidates to vet them.  While Donald Trump will not directly answer questions and journalists let him get away with it, it can also be said that Bernie Sanders has not had to really respond to tough questions regarding what can only be termed as his extreme ideas.

That is why I was so taken by the latest Paul Krugman column.

I have found on Facebook, as an example, of how otherwise temperate people tend to lose their composure when confronted with something that is not 100% favorable of Sanders.  Petulant is a perfect word, and Krugman nails it.

It’s one thing for the Sanders campaign to point to Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street connections, which are real, although the question should be whether they have distorted her positions, a case the campaign has never even tried to make. But recent attacks on Mrs. Clinton as a tool of the fossil fuel industry are just plain dishonest, and speak of a campaign that has lost its ethical moorings.

Holding people accountable for their past is O.K., but imposing a standard of purity, in which any compromise or misstep makes you the moral equivalent of the bad guys, isn’t. Abraham Lincoln didn’t meet that standard; neither did F.D.R. Nor, for that matter, has Bernie Sanders (think guns).

The Sanders campaign has brought out a lot of idealism and energy that the progressive movement needs. It has also, however, brought out a streak of petulant self-righteousness among some supporters. Has it brought out that streak in the candidate, too?

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