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My First Viewing Of International Space Station in Nighttime Sky

April 15, 2016

Tonight my partner, James, and I watched from the rooftop of the Monona Terrace in downtown Madison as the International Space Station flew overhead. It became visible nearly over the State Capitol and continued in a northeastern direction at roughly 17,000 miles. The sun glinting off the body was indeed the highlight for the annual Moon Over Monona event where professional folks bring all their sky watching technology and set it up so geeks like me can take a look at the sky. The space station was so clear it was viewed with the naked eye. I am 53 and never before had such a view. I recall as a kid when Skylab was in orbit and thrilled in that journey. When it comes to space the wonders never cease. Even better were all the young kids being exposed to science and space! I am so pleased to see a packed roof top. What a grand evening!

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