My Thoughts On Chicago Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw Faggot Remark

When angry why use the word faggot?

Chicago Blackhawks’ forward Andrew Shaw has been suspended for one game after using a homophobic slur twice during last night’s game.  He stated that “emotions got the best” of him.  Yet when I am miffed I do resort to sexual bricks.

So what might we ponder tonight concerning this matter?

In a friendly back-and-forth on Facebook I challenged someone to justify using the term “sissifying” when speaking about how a football player/team was performing on the field to the use of the word ‘sissy’ that a child in school might use to taunt others.  How is one less corrosive than the other, and why is it better for an adult to speak in such ways as opposed to a kid?  And do not kids learn from watching and listening to how adults act?

If the argument is that words should be allowed no matter what than we still would, as a society, see no problem with using ‘nigger’, ‘coon’ ‘half-breed’, and “jap’ in our daily conversations.  Clearly those words are no longer acceptable anywhere, and rightly so.  But if those words are deemed wrong how can it take such a leap to understand that using words such as ‘faggot’ is also wrong.

Everyday people use words wisely, and so I have to laugh when I sometimes hear that someone is ‘unable to speak freely’ as there are too many rules about needing to use politically-correct speech.  That is just a cop-out for acting with civility in modern-day society.

In the lunchroom at the average workplace no one starts up a conversation about the ‘hooters’ on the lady who sits at the front office desk.  No one can just get on a plane and say they are carrying a bomb and think such word choice is allowed, or walk into a theatre and cry “fire!”

Words have weight and if we are to live in a society where the hope of coming together is to exist at all we need to be aware of the impact of the words we use.    I use to speak before groups of constituents when working in the state assembly and was always aware of the audience I was in front of to push the right message by using the right words.

The use of words is key to everything we do.  Being an adult is knowing how to employ the best use of words.  It also means understanding the power our words carry for both good and bad.

Bernie Sanders Does Not Care About Democratic Party

It comes as no surprise that Bernie Sanders is viewed on this blog as clearly a most compelling part of the political process this year.  The drama that he has brought to the nomination fight has allowed for politicos to have quite an event to follow as the primaries and caucuses rolled across the land.

But then I can say the same about Donald Trump.

Over the past weeks I have not been reticent about my growing disgust with Sanders, his campaign, or those who try to rationalize in print or on television that he has some way to win the nomination.   Sanders has a quest for something on the presidential trail that he has never been able to actually achieve as a member of congress.   That is to have any change in policy that reflects his views.

His revolution ramblings are now simply exhausting to hear.  His plans are not realistic, not grounded in solid math, and worse yet if somehow able to pass congress, as with the case of his illogical views on trade, would seriously damage our nation.

Last night as I listened to him speak from Pennsylvania I thought his words spoke more to why therapy is a better route to dealing with internal angst than ramping up the hopes of thousands who first really need a primer on how government operates.

For Sanders to bemoan that anyone other than actual party members should select party nominees underscores the reason no real Democrat should have any time for this interloper.   To hear voters on television not understand their role in the state’s primary system or fail to meet required deadlines speaks not to a system that is corrupt but simply people who failed at civics.

When those same voters can not meet simple voting requirements and then in the same breath try to speak to complex trade issues facing the nation means it is time to change the channel.  I was very pleased the voters of New York turned out Sanders in a landslide Tuesday night.

I can not express how disgusting the negative ads by Sanders against Hillary Clinton are, or how unseemly he looked as he ran a low-ball campaign in New York.  At a time the Democratic Party knows a pivot to the general election needs to be made Sanders takes his verbal ax and slashes even more wildly at our soon-to-be-nominee.  It is simply the last-gasp ravings of a candidate who sadly now is acting like his pictures have long made him resemble.   Simply unhinged.

Sanders does not care about the Democratic Party.  He has used the party machinery for his aims—and that he does with no objections.  His high moral horse bends on his need to use the system.  He never could run for president and get any traction on his own ticket so he thought hijacking another party was his path forward.

Well he has made his splash.  We all have had a grand time watching and reading over the months.  But now Sanders needs to end his tirades as there is no more to be gained.

Unless the goal is to damage the Democratic Party.