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John Kasich And The Astronauts

April 22, 2016

There is only one man who concerns me when thinking what might undo Hillary Clinton in the fall of 2016.    His name is John Kasich.

His style, tone, and political calculations have long intrigued me.  While it is true Kasich has not performed in the primary season in the fashion his supporters hoped  it can also be noted there are many reasons for that outcome.  We simply have not witnessed anything quite like 2016 in our lifetime.  In any other cycle Kasich would be the GOP star.

In a general election where Democrats are fighting for a third term with a candidate who has issues of trustworthiness along with an electorate that is unsettled makes the Kasich persona all the more attractive.  That is why I am truly baffled as to why more Republicans are not able to see the strongest fall nomine in their midst.

Today more of the Kasich all-American candidate profile came to view with some powerful endorsements.  A trio of astronauts have thrown their support behind his White House candidacy.

The endorsements were not any part of a concerted effort to nab backing from the space community.  After all the Ohio governor has not even articulated any policy on space, something I wish each White House contender would offer the nation.

Steve Oswald, who piloted two missions on the Space Shuttle Discovery in the early 1990s, Eugene Cernan, who in 1972 became the last man to walk on the moon, and William Readdy, have publicly backed Kasich.

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