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Can “Hamilton” Sweep The Tonys This Spring?

April 26, 2016

Tony nominations will be announced May 3, with the awards ceremony to be held June 12. And while there is little doubt “Hamilton” will be nominated across the board, a look at past hits, as well as the present competition, suggests that matching records for nominations or awards is possible. Setting new records would be tricky.

Among the musicals that generated “Hamilton”-caliber heat, “The Producers” (2001) holds the record for the most Tony wins, 12. It shares the record for 15 nominations with “Billy Elliot,” which won 10 Tonys at the 2009 awards.

More recently, “The Book of Mormon” (2011) racked up 14 nominations and nine Tonys.

This season, there are 13 categories in which a new musical can be nominated. The record number of nominations is 15, mainly due to multiple actors from the same show earning nominations and competing in the same category.

Since the Tonys began in 1947, the number of awards has fluctuated as categories were added, often to separate plays and musicals, or removed entirely. The short-lived award for sound design briefly upped the numbers: Added for the 2008 Tonys, it was eliminated after 2014.

Getting to the record of 15 nominations doesn’t necessarily require landing in all 13 categories, but the nine non-acting areas are almost essential.

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  1. Solly permalink
    April 26, 2016 11:39 AM

    It’s a good thing the Obama Administration didn’t start its “who gets on the currency is based on which Broadway play is popular” policy in 2011 or we’d have Brigham Young on the $20 bill.

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