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Ted Cruz Smells Of Desperation

April 27, 2016

I watched the drama slowly–almost painfully so–unfold today in Indiana when Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced his vice-presidential running mate.

For the first half-hour I sincerely wondered if Carly Fiorina was actually going to show up on the stage.  In one of the worst staged political events this year Cruz talked for over 30 minutes and rambled on in his overly theatrical way to the point that I suspect most watching turned the channel.

But since I love a great train wreck I continued to watch.  And when Fiorina finally arrived on stage it took her only a few minutes to break into a song.

I kid you not.

Some older folks might think it cute, and it was clearly different.  But it should be recalled that even Sarah Palin skipped the talent portion when introduced as a vice-presidential pick.

I get the need for Cruz to find a way to change the topic following a devastating primary election night when he failed to win even one county in any of the five states in contention.  But to make such a presumptuous move as naming a running mate with an even more troubled candidacy than his own makes for a spiraling-down narrative than had he done nothing.

Shaking up the news cycle with something other than a laugh line is a laudable goal.   The Cruz campaign did need to do something that would make news and at the same time have credibility.   But what they attempted today was not only poorly staged and executed but will result in scorn and late-night talk show laughs.

Meanwhile Donald Trump remains unscathed from this goofy attempt by Cruz to change the message.

About the mid-portion of 2015 I am reminded that Time magazine tried to spin the notion the many GOP presidential candidates made for a most impressive list for the nation to ponder.  Surely there had to presidential timber among the group.

Today I recall that article and place it right along with the column by George Will who wrote the morning before the Berlin Wall fell that such a thing was not in the cards.   How wrong we often get the world staring us in the face.

But I can state tonight with total clarity and assurance that the smell of desperation that drove Cruz to the podium today will not serve him well.

A damaging reaction will follow May 3rd.    Voters are wiser than to fall for such smarmy attempts to get votes.

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