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What Should Concern Republicans

April 27, 2016

Two different news operations both pointed to an underlying problem that was most noticeable in the exit polling data from Tuesday’s primaries in the Northeast.

The Wall Street Journal made the point this way.

Some 58% of Republican voters in Pennsylvania said the primary process had divided the party, exit polls showed. A far smaller share, 40%, said the primaries had energized the party.  Moreover, one-quarter of Republican primary voters in Maryland and Connecticut, and nearly that share in Pennsylvania, said they wouldn’t vote for Mr. Trump in a general election. That signaled a problem for Mr. Trump in one of his top tasks, should be become the nominee: unifying his own party.

But it was First Read who pounded the message home with how Democrats though in a spirited race are more prepared for a general election contest.

Here’s something else that might give GOP consultants the night sweats: In battleground Pennsylvania, 69% of Democratic primary voters said their race was energizing their party, versus 58% of Republicans who said their nominating contest was dividing theirs.

With Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, and as time moves along that looks more and more to be the case, there is nothing but major hemorrhaging to be expected from the party.

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