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Warren Bluhm Reminds Us Keta Steebs Still Brings Smiles

May 4, 2016

I was genuinely pleased to read that Keta Steebs was written about in a column in the Green Bay Press Gazette.   Keta was one of my fondest memories from the time I spent in Door County while working at WDOR.   There was plenty to love about Keta from her laugher, keen insight into politics, and our shared values as liberal Democrats.  Sitting with her during county board meetings as we reported for our various news operations allowed for me to gain insight into not only issues impacting the county but also some of the background on colorful personalities.   She seemingly knew everything about the county and those who resided there.

So it was a real delight to read the words of Warren Bluhn about one very special lady.  And she was a lady.

I think of Keta Steebs every week – the template for this space on our Opinion page is still called “Keta’s Potluck,” and I still feel like an undeserving interloper for inserting my own words here.

Keta – and I feel bad knowing that now I have to explain for people who are new to the Advocate – was our longtime reporter and columnist whose words of wit and wisdom were chronicled here for 40 years or so.

She was inducted into the Milwaukee Press Club’s Media Hall of Fame in 2012 and passed away April 26, 2013, not long after writing her final column. So she’s been gone three years now, long enough for people to realize we conceded long ago that she’s irreplaceable.

But I especially thought of Keta the other day when a meme reappeared on Facebook that struck my fancy enough that I used the new feature that lets you “Love” a post, not just “Like” it. It showed Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and bore the caption, “No matters who wins, they will not fix your life. Better plan on doing it yourself.”

It sounded like something Keta might say, although she might be more inclined to say it about Trump or Cruz than the standard bearers of her beloved Democratic Party. It would be interesting to see what Hepzibah would say about the Donald and Ted.

Hepzibah, readers will recall, was Keta’s alter ego who was constantly taken in by the nice young men the Republican Party put up for office. Keta would nod politely and didn’t try to convince Hepzibah that they only appeared to be nice on the surface.

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  1. May 4, 2016 2:16 PM

    Thank you, sir! I should note that the column appears in Keta’s Door County Advocate, whose content is folded into the Press-Gazette site these days.

  2. May 4, 2016 9:19 AM

    Great to hear from you, Lars. I worked with Lary Swoboda for a decade in his Madison office and fondly recall the nice things you always did over the years. Trust all is fine with you and spring is treating you kindly.

  3. Lars Johnson permalink
    May 4, 2016 8:39 AM



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