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Coffee Mug Craze

May 6, 2016

I mention this story for two reasons.

First the name of my blog almost demands this be posted.

But secondly it is true that each day I select a coffee mug from our collection that meets the mood of the day.  Yesterday for instance I was in a bouncy mood with everything being just about perfect and so the brightest yellow mug was the one to fill with hot coffee.

When James and I shop in kitchen type stores or run into a cup mugs for sale I often am buying another one that has a certain color or series of colors that I think we need.  I am always reminded that there is only so much space for them–but that never seems to stop me.

So then I read this story.


At the very end of an unpaved country road stands a cozy home, completely covered in coffee mugs. The owners, Avery and Doris Sisk, created their quirky attraction almost by accident. It started over 15 years ago with a box-lot of 15 mugs picked up at a flea market. It seemed like a good décor decision at the time, so they hung them up. More and more have been added over the years, and now – at least 20,000 mugs later – Avery and Doris have created a destination. Their cabin in the woods is dripping in cups and mugs of all kinds, the gates and fencing too.

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  1. Mark permalink
    September 16, 2016 2:20 PM

    Thanks for this posting. Artsy and amusing. I was trying to locate some photos of this place and now seeing it wonder what it sounds like on a windy day.

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