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Paul Ryan Makes Political Play Of The Week

May 6, 2016

Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nomine this week.   In what then can only be called one of the most absurd displays following that news was the number of Republicans, many who had at one time made rather harsh comments about the bizarre billionaire, rushing to microphones to endorse his bid for the White House.

My grandmother would probably term it as “unseemly”.

But there was one Republican, the most visible and the one who has the most power in this nation, who said ‘not so fast’ when it came to kneeling before the false God of the GOP.  Paul Ryan showed something on Thursday that caught not only the attention of the party, but also turned the heads of many Americans who are searching for some sanity and maturity from that side of the aisle.

There are many citizens who know and understand the need for two healthy political parties in this nation.  I am one of those and it is for that reason I have had much disdain for Trump over the months.  Not only is Trump a most dangerous xenophobic and racist candidate but he also is one who can harm and drain the GOP as a balance in the nation.  Even though the GOP can often be wrong it keeps Democrats from tilting too far in the other direction.    It is that type of equilibrium that best serves the nation.

It seemed to me that Ryan’s words yesterday were an effort to protect his party, the nation, and his likely bid for office in 2020.  The latter was certainly self-serving but that should not diminish the good that he was attempting in working to make sure a crazy populist did not gain the power of the Oval Office without some restraints.  He also is seeking to protect his party–his fellow house members–from a dark election cycle.

For all these reasons Paul Ryan deserves the political play of the week award.

Trump now has to deal with Ryan and come to terms with some moderation in the bluster that has dominated the past.   I would bet the Muslim ban would be top of Ryan’s list of places where Trump needs to start making amends.  Ryan knows that crude talk is not the route to a national win.

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  1. Greg Guess permalink
    May 7, 2016 9:00 PM

    That was a stupid move by Paul Ryan by disregarding the will of the majority. It will prove to have a lasting effect on his political career. To appoint himself the guardian of the GOP is a bit lofty when so many of us do not accept him. He has lost his credibility by being Romney’s puppet and an attempt at the White House in 2020 will be futile. He sealed his future today you can count on it.

  2. May 6, 2016 1:26 PM

    A little late now for Ryan and the other “mainstream” (read: Robbin’ Hoods) GOP to paper over their message, which has always been about robbing the poor to give to themselves & their rich buddies. They created both Trump and Sanders through their years of screwing We The People. Fun to watch ’em squirm.

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