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Bigotry Should Be Expensive In North Carolina

May 9, 2016

I am a loss to try and rationalize why there is such rancor from conservatives about which restroom a person choses to use.

I can understand why people differ on how tax cuts should be structured, if our oil reserves should to tapped into, or if civil service exams should be jettisoned for some other method of hiring workers.   But there is no way for me to fathom how all of a sudden the use of a restroom is front and center for so many on the far-right in this country.

Today it was reported the Justice Department has filed a counter-suit against the state of North Carolina, just hours after Gov. Pat McCrory sued the Obama administration over the Justice Department’s demand that the state stop implementing a law blocking protections for gay and transgender individuals.

While I applaud the department’s decision I am stunned at the level of bigotry and contempt that some Republicans in North Carolina have for those who are gay or transgender.

The action from the Justice Department seeks a preliminary injunction to block implementation of the state’s House Bill 2.  That simply absurd piece of legislation requires transgender individuals to use bathrooms that align with the gender listed on their birth certificate, as opposed to their gender identity.   Why this matter is of such importance–and frankly all of a sudden–has nothing to do with the actual use of a restroom.

Instead once again conservatives are creating a wedge issue for partisan aims.  It is also a way to raise money from simple-minded people who are not able to see this matter for what it is.

Today’s lawsuit from the department names as defendants the state of North Carolina, McCrory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the University of North Carolina System and the UNC Board of Governors.  Such a tangled mess that was created by that state and their leading lowest common denominators will be expense for them.

As it should be.

First there are many who are boycotting that state.  Those efforts will only intensify and substantially cost the state in lost revenue.

Second, though McCrory is seeking another term in office, people will see his lawsuit from earlier in the day to be nothing more than a very expensive re-election effort.  An effort it needs noting that the taxpayer will need to be responsible for.  McCrory was never in good shape for re-election but this will only further erode his standing in the state.

No matter how one cuts, dices, or spins this mess one thing is clear.  Bigotry is expensive.

It will cost the taxpayers much money as lawyers fight.  It will likely cost the election of a Republican governor.  It will further erode the image of the GOP who needs to find a way to land in the current flow of society.

And all because three-thumbers are upset about which restroom someone choses to use.

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  1. May 10, 2016 11:41 AM

    I think this issue is one of the most ginned up and politically fabricated ones to have come our way in a very long time. Well maybe since the idea that all sorts of people were impersonating voters at the polls! Since almost everywhere there are dividers at urinals and of course stalls in all restrooms I am at a loss about how this creates any uncomfortableness. Especially when the number of transgender people runs at a very low number, the odds are one will never have such an experience and most will never know if it were to occur. Your argument that transgender people can not be allowed to be treated in the manner I suggest to be appropriate due to some slippery slope can be applied to any issue. Recall that some conservatives actually stated that gay marriage could not be allowed as that would lead to someone wishing to marry a clock or a table or dog. Simply absurd. For decades transgender people have used the bathroom of their choice but never told anyone. Now that the matter has received attention due to big names in the news and a concerted effort to help teenagers or young people–as with the most public case here in Dane County–conservatives are all alarmed. I have no doubt that this matter will be handled by society in the same way they dealt with gay marriage. Just far faster! As to those students you mentioned talking with it is most clear that you now have a teaching moment. Use it and help enlighten the world.

  2. tom permalink
    May 10, 2016 10:33 AM

    You cheapen the debate by suggesting the previous comments about the concerns of parents and others about throwing over decades of tradition is not legitimate.

    I think it is a fair concern that some high school girls or boys might be nervous or afraid or uncomfortable using gender neutral bathrooms. After all, we are considering uprooting decades of tradition and habit because 0.003% of the population might feel nervous or afraid or uncomfortable. To me it seems like a legitimate question to ask.

    It is also foolish to think there will not be unintended consequences to this policy, and I’m not talking about pervs. How long do you imagine it will be before drunk men decide they can follow women into the bathroom at bars or sports events? I know you would never lower yourself to attend a football game, but imagine Camp Randall on a rowdy Saturday afternoon–or Lambeau. Rest assured, that these trans-friendly rules will cause similar problems at high school. A couple of students told me the other day that they didn’t mind the rules, but they just won’t use the school bathrooms.

    Steve is wrong about the pedophiles; they are already there, Stevo. However, Deke is wrong to suggest that anyone who raises a concern about single gender bathrooms is a bigot, Instead, he should propose a reasoned argument as to why the needs of the 0.003 outweigh the needs of the 20-30% of people who might really be uncomfortable with the changes. Furthermore, as bathrooms are not mentioned in the Constitution, he might be better served explaining what justification the federal government has to express its will in this case.

    Finally, on every issue where the left wants its way, the opposition is always a bigot or racist or labeled in some similar fashion. Were Orwell around he would note that they have drained such terms of any meaning at all. Despite their constant and vicious and unreasoning assault on anyone who disagrees with them, they still believe they had nothing to do with creating Trump or the great wave of anger in the country. Good Grief…..

  3. May 10, 2016 8:48 AM

    Wisconsin will be next. If it’s stupid and/or it hurts people, you can bet it’s on the WiGOP agenda.

  4. May 9, 2016 6:36 PM

    You cheapen the debate by suggesting that every boy would pretend to be transgender to get into the girl’s locker room. You also cheapen the debate by suggesting, in a round-about way that people who are transgender are pedophiles. I would be the first in line to state I am not able to understand how it might feel to be transgender but I hope that we can at least all show a regard for those who face the issue head on and allow for small minds to reign.

  5. Steve Watson permalink
    May 9, 2016 6:18 PM

    This first hit my radar about a year ago, when some young mans parents sued a St. Louis school district to allow their son to use the girls locker room. There is currently the same type of lawsuit in a district around Chicago. I suppose there is no potential for abuse if high school boys are allowed to use the girls lockers? I would have loved a law like this back in the early seventies. Maybe I could have successfully argued that I had the right to be in the locker room with Susie. Now that I have Grand daughters, I really don’t want them seeing your junk, just so you can feel better about yourself. We have pedophelia cases come through our court system on a monthly basis. I see this “anybody in any restroom at any time” as enabling to the pedophiles.

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