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North Carolina Shows Inconsistency With Transgender Restroom Arguments

May 9, 2016

Tonight I watched an interview on PBS’ NewsHour with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. I was not sure if I was to laugh out loud at his views, or sit silently and shake my head so as not to miss any of his inconsistent utterances.

So let me get this straight.

Conservatives have long argued there is no right to privacy in the U.S. Constitution but now find a pressing need to protect privacy in restrooms so to deny transgender people from using the one they identity with.

Local control has always been a driving force for conservatives yet when cities in North Carolina set ordinances for restroom use they needed to be upended by the full legislature.

When gay marriage was a topic for resolution conservatives argued that states should set their own laws and not have a pronouncement from the national government. Now North Carolina is asking for a national ruling and a series of definitions as to who can enter which restroom.

I like to learn something when I tune in Judy Woodruff. Bless her heart for trying and often succeeding. But when one has a spin artist like McCrory to work with there is not much she can do but try not to laugh in the middle of her questions.  Though none of my thoughts on this blog post made for a question tonight for McCrory I am trusting that a reporter soon can ask him to bring some sense to his unreasonableness on this entire issue.

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