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Lorrie Wagner–Mother Of Jakob Wagner–Needs To Share Legal Responsibility For Antigo School Prom Shooting

May 13, 2016

Not for the first time does this blog hold to the idea that parents of young people who use guns to shoot, kill, and create violence also need to be held accountable.

After reading the words of Lorrie Wagner about her son, Jakob, and her decision to allow a clearly troubled child to obtain a semi-automatic weapon underscores why there needs to be some legal remedy for the absurd actions such as hers.

It is simply galling to know she was aware of the path her child was walking, and also know there is no way to miss the countless headlines about other such cases around the nation and then turn a seemingly blind eye to the situation that was playing out in her home.

To say I am stunned at reading this story misses by a mile my reaction.  There is no way that any sane person can say parental actions such as this one below should not be addressed by a law that makes sure there is responsibility shared by those who help to foster the violent outcomes.

His childhood struggle with mental illness and diagnosis of depression. The taunting and bullying that her son suffered starting when he was in grade school, where peers made fun of his lisp, his hygiene and his modest upbringing. The absence of a father in his life. His fascination with guns. The occasional outburst of inexplicable rage.

And perhaps most troubling, his emotional breakup with a girlfriend a month before prom, combined with his mother’s decision two weeks before the dance to allow him to buy a semi-automatic assault-style rifle at a gun show. It was the gun he would take to prom and use to shoot two students, his mother said. According to police, he aimed it at two officers who rushed to the sounds of gunfire.

A police officer shot Jakob Wagner three times in what Lorrie Wagner now believes was an elaborate suicide plot by her son.


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  1. pattilynn9 permalink
    May 13, 2016 3:39 PM

    Can you say BAD JUDGEMENT!?!

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