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Donald Trump’s Lack Of Introspection

May 18, 2016

I am one of those guys who is in touch with his feelings.  I have never been one to stuff my emotions in a bag and pretend they are not in existence.  I recall when my Mom was in the hospital in the final days of her life and my brother told me I needed to “buck it up”.    I had no intention of not feeling everything and expressing how I felt as events played out.

But I know that much of the male world does walk about in a state of stunted emotional development as it is somehow not seen as ‘manly’ to talk about feelings.  But it is not healthy to live that way.  It does not allow for an individual to grow or be responsive to himself or those around him.  It clearly is not something we would want lacking in someone who sits in the Oval Office.

So it comes as news worth posting that last night Donald Trump on Fox could not honestly address how others might have injured him over time or bring himself to the point of agreeing that reflecting on how we live our life does matter.  His lack of self-awareness and introspection is simply stunning.

His words make the case about what is lacking in his make-up.

“…but you have to go forward…to look back and say, “Gee whiz, I wish I didn’t do this or that,” I don’t think that’s good… I don’t even think- In a certain way, I don’t even think that’s healthy,” 

That is definitely not the type of individual we want to have sitting in the White House.  I want my president to have the ability and the  security of self to be able to reflect, ponder, and feel from within about what is happening.    Trump seems lacking the human qualities that we would want in our family members and friends.  He lacks the deeper introspection required of a president.

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