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Time Cover: Battle Of The Bathroom

May 20, 2016

This is what the nasty and needless divide created by conservatives has come down to–as shown on the cover of Time.  There is no harm coming from violence in bathrooms any more than there were voting problems at the ballot box.  But conservatives ginned up voter ID and now are ramping up false charges against transgender people.   When a political party can not win with ideas they resort to horse-rot.  Welcome to the Republican Party 2016.


The cover story features the writing of Michael Scherer on “The Battle of the Bathroom”.

In a divided country, the social battle lines have been drawn once again in our most private of public places. State legislatures have been besieged, and school committees have split. Pastors have become politicized in the pulpit, and the gay-rights lobby has abandoned its past hesitancy to embrace the transgender cause. Courtrooms are filling with legal motions that are certain to end up at the Supreme Court. The fight—­political and legal, personal and ­collective—is just getting going….

Like all great political battles, this one is distinguished by the decision on both sides to commit loudly and completely, to elevate the issue and to force it on the American public…. The 2016 battle over bathrooms is, after all, about far more than public ­facilities—it’s about gender roles, social change, federalism, physical danger, political polarization and, most strikingly, a breakdown in the ability of anyone in this country to speak across our divides, or appeal to common humanity.

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