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Wisconsin Democratic Party Has Embarrassing Bills To Pay

May 24, 2016

This is not the way the accounts should be left hanging when it comes to the Democratic Party.   This story below is simply embarrassing.

Granted, I do not do the bookkeeping in our home.  I am not interested in balancing checkbooks or making sure the bottom line is added correctly. Since boyhood anything to do with numbers has dismayed me.  (Give me letters any day!)  Even when I use my credit card at a restaurant I let James add the tip and finalize the matter.  Still when it comes to having bills paid–and on time–everything is done letter perfect.   I am really good at timeliness.

I wish the Democratic party could say the same!

When officials from the state Democratic Party show up for their convention in Green Bay in a couple of weeks, they may have to pay in cash.

That’s because they still haven’t paid the full bill from their 2009 convention at the same hotel.

Records filed earlier this month with the Federal Election Commission show the state Democratic Party still owes $5,807.34 to the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center — Green Bay.

The total bill for the event was just over $15,000, according to federal reports. It appears that the party last made a payment for $7,350 in January 2011 but has coughed up zilch since then.

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  1. May 24, 2016 12:56 PM

    …or, they could pull a WEDC and tell the Radisson to stick it in their ear. Not that I advocate for this, you understand.

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