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Donald Trump And America’s Autocratic Future

June 2, 2016

A powerful read from Justia.

Trump’s response to “What should we do about our problems?” is to say, “Let’s find some scapegoats, no matter how disconnected they are from solving the actual problems.” Low wages? Blame Mexicans. Industrial decay? Blame China. Worries about terrorism? Blame Muslims. But most importantly, Trump never even bothers to explain how any of this is supposed to work. His version of “can do” is, “Trust me, it will be beautiful.” The worry, of course, is that Trump is the leading edge of a movement that would elevate taking misdirected action above all else, unfettered by constitutional limitations. He has already indicated his disdain for the federal judiciary and the press, and it is difficult to imagine that he would be moved by inconvenient facts about, for example, the prohibitive costs or basic inhumanity of trying to hunt down and deport millions of families. Nor has Trump ever shown any awareness that his supposed solutions (which are, in their details, always changing) would be too costly or simply could not be done at all. Instead, he responds to such substantive criticism by hurling personal insults at people he dislikes. Fortunately, all of the trends so far (notwithstanding isolated polls) indicate that Trump will never take the oath of office for the presidency. In that way, we will (knock wood!) never be able to see just how far Trump and his Republican enablers would go to undermine our constitutional democracy.

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