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More Proof Republicans Have Failed In Congress

June 2, 2016

Recall in 2014 Republicans, during the mid-term elections, urged voters to cast a ballot for their congressional candidates.  They promised if given complete power in congress so much would be achieved.  They could deliver, they told us.

Well….that was campaign fodder or as rural voters might say…horse rot.

The biggest casualty of the short amount of time left on the legislative calendar may be Mr. McConnell’s ambitious goals for passing the 12 individual appropriations bills to fund the government for fiscal 2017. So far, none of the bills has both passed and been signed into law, increasing the likelihood that Congress ends up with a catchall spending measure known as a continuing resolution that makes it harder for the government to adjust spending when priorities change.

Mr. McConnell touted the Senate’s passage last month of a $37.5 billion bill to fund energy and water programs, the first of the spending bills to clear. But the bill flamed out in the House last week because of opposition from both parties to amendments that had been tacked on, including one to protect the rights of gay and transgender people that drew opposition from social conservatives. That failure, in turn, called into question Mr. Ryan’s promise to run the House with an open hand and allow bills to be subject to amendments–of which I wrote about last week.

Republicans will regroup when they return, and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R., Ky.) said that scrapping the process of opening up the spending bills to amendments on the floor “will be considered.”

One has to admire how fast the GOP caucus can turn on itself—and the American voter.

But once again the GOP has been found to be unable to govern—even when they have both house of congress!!   Simply stunning to watch!

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