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Sen. Lisa Murkowski Knew It Was Coming

June 2, 2016

Read meat a-plenty in Alaska following the news everyone knew was coming–in one form or anther–against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Dan Sullivan, the former mayor of Anchorage filed to run in the GOP senate yesterday.  The old saw about making sure conservative voters had a choice was trotted out.    So it should be surprising that when asked to spell out his differences with the sitting senator there was nothing he could point to as an example.

All he could offer was, “I won’t be directly criticizing Sen. Murkwoski. That won’t be part of the campaign”.

Murkwoski is ready for the twists and turns from the harsh wing-nuts in her own party.   After she lost her 2010 GOP primary, and then barely squeaked by in a general election write-in campaign, she has been preparing and ramping up campaign funds.  She is not going to be fooled again and so has already amassed $3.3 million for this cycle.

But I want to make clear to all those who follow races nationally that this contest will be brutal since Alaska’s closed GOP primary tends to attract the most conservative voters, and Murkowski has a reputation for being among the more moderate Senate Republicans.

In other words for those of us who like to see a congress willing to work at governing the likes of Murkwoski on the GOP needs to be encouraged.  Compromise and moderation are always good ingredients for a political recipe.

CP will be focusing on this race in the months to come.

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