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Bob Queen Not Telling Truth About Concerns With Orton Park Festival

June 5, 2016

I bring up this topic following a comment made by Bob Queen in The Capital Times regarding the Orton Park Festival.  Queen severely understated the reason for a uproar about the festival held each August by stating the whole discussion was due to “a neighbor”.

That ranks up there with Russian revisionists.

Many people were invested with their time and deep and legitimate concerns about the trees and noise–including this blogger.

It needs saying one more time that Orton Park is classified as a “neighborhood park” by the city. A “neighborhood park” is for the recreational and social focus of the neighborhood. In contrast, a “community park” such as Olbrich is to meet community-based recreation needs. The question still remains if the current festival is an appropriate use of a neighborhood park? It should also be noted that the city parks department said in a meeting roughly two years ago that if the festival was not an ongoing event, and seeking a new permit, it would not be granted.

There is also more than ample proof of the damage this event causes to the great old trees in the park. Some may not like that all this is coming up again, but when Queen does not state the truth about the number of people who were concerned about the trees and noise it needs to be corrected.  Additionally, in light of the current situation with trees in our neighborhood are we not glad there are people like “a neighbor” who has the courage to stand up and advocate for them? 

Bob Queen can not make such a statement and think it will not have blowback. 

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