Madison Alder Mike Verveer’s Mother Makes Front Page Of The New York Times

Just interesting.  Read the story this afternoon and saw the quote from Madison Alderman Mike Verveer’s mother about Hillary Clinton.  The quote starts on the front page with the story above the fold.  Rather cool.  The picture was not included with the newspaper story but I suspect many want to know where Verveer got his good looks from–hence this image.


If there was a single moment that captured what would carry Hillary Clinton to the 2016 Democratic nomination, it came not during her sun-splashed campaign kickoff in New York last June, or in any of her speeches celebrating hard-fought primary victories over Senator Bernie Sanders.

No, it was the unscripted instant in which a blasé Mrs. Clinton coolly brushed from her shoulder a speck of lint, dirt — or perhaps nothing at all — as a Republican-led House panel subjected her to more than eight hours of questioning in October over her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

She may not be the orator President Obama is, or the retail politician her husband was. But Mrs. Clinton’s steely fortitude in this campaign has plainly inspired older women, black voters and many others who see in her perseverance a kind of mirror to their own struggles. And Mrs. Clinton’s very durability — her tenacity, grit and capacity for enduring and overcoming adversity — could be exactly what is required to defeat Donald J. Trump.

As a politician’s wife, first lady, senator and secretary of state — and as a two-time candidate for president — Mrs. Clinton, 68, has redefined the role of women in American politics each time she has reinvented herself. She has transfixed the nation again and again, as often in searing episodes of scandal or setback as in triumph.

“She came on the public stage as someone who was a little different,” said Ann Lewis, a longtime adviser. “She attracted fascination, devotion and attacks — and the partisan attacks haven’t stopped.”  “Even as first lady, it was ‘Who does she think she is?’” said Melanne Verveer, a close friend of Mrs. Clinton’s who was her White House chief of staff.

3 thoughts on “Madison Alder Mike Verveer’s Mother Makes Front Page Of The New York Times

  1. Solly

    A. Pander Bear
    B. You didn’t include the quote from Verveer. Ann Lewis is Barney Franks’ sister and a “consultant/hack” in her own right

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