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Gun Violence Kills Singer After Concert–NRA Yawns

June 11, 2016

Christina Grimmie, a singer known for competing on The Voice, was shot and killed last night.  She was simply signing autographs after a concert in Orlando when the epidemic of senseless gun violence–which this country allows to continue–reached out and ended her life.

Grimmie had wrapped up the show was meeting with fans when a man walked up to her and shot her.  Grimmie’s brother then tackled the gunman. The suspect then shot himself.

Josh Call, who was working at a hot dog stand outside the venue, told the Orlando Sentinel that he heard four or five gunshots.

“It was quick like pow, pow, pow, pow,” he said. Call said he then went inside the venue and saw a female victim with a gunshot wound to her head.

This should have been something that was fun and exciting,” Miglio said, “and for something like this to happen is just a tragedy.

Five hours later Grimmie died at a hospital.

Time will allow for the details of the killer and what type of gun was used and how it was obtained.  We have heard all this before and it will be heard many times as countless shootings take place this weekend around the nation–as they always do.

And just as true to form the NRA will snicker, turn their noses up at the carnage they have willfully created, and yawn.

Another sad day in the nation due to the NRA.

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  1. June 11, 2016 12:40 PM

    You will note the list of those commenting on the side banner under Coffee Shop Banter. This blog is almost ten year old and has over 3 and-a-half million hits. I am linked by Wisconsin Public Radio in election seasons, at least once per week on average from the largest political linking service in Wisconsin, along with various newspapers around the state. One of my posts on the local police this week registered more than 3,000 hits. I do not use Twitter and most other forms of social media that are now more the ‘go to’ sources than a blog. From that perspective I am becoming ‘old school’ but that is fine with me. I grew up without a TV for much of my formative years and came to know the value of radio, newspapers, and books and think the longer printed versions of thoughts still reigns. So I keep writing and commenting on the world as I sit looking out at Lake Monona and feeling the calming breezes. I trust it is nice in your part of the world, too. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. June 11, 2016 12:15 PM

    Interesting how there is never any comments on this site.

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