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NRA Will No Longer Be Allowed To Post Comments On Caffeinated Politics

June 13, 2016

This blog will no longer allow the NRA spin machine to spew forth.   The NRA may have bought Congress, but they have not bought me, and never will.  From this point forward if you want to spin the NRA line be prepared to have your comment deleted.  The trolling here by the NRA, and their senseless comments  are no longer going to be published.  If I will not publish those who still from time to time comment that Iraq was behind 9/11, why should I allow the most inane and BS comments from those who have their heads so far up the NRA backside that they will do and say anything just to get posted?  When I read a comment that the Orlando shooter was not a gun owner like all the other yokels who have weapons I hit the delete button faster than Sarah Palin can mangle the English language. The NRA comments just will no longer appear here.   Just as a newspaper edits comments, so must bloggers.  Totally inaccurate comments only serve to undermine the dialogue, and further divide the nation.  There are plenty of blogs that carry water for the right-wing bat-shit crazy crowd which the NRA fits nicely into.  Just because I have a blog does not require me to allow the insanity here.   So sayeth this blogger.  

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  1. June 13, 2016 10:05 PM

    Thanks for each of your comments today.

  2. June 13, 2016 8:09 PM

    Embarrassingly, the 4-year-olds were arguing about why I won’t let them eat goldfish crackers and drink juice boxes on the bus.

    I explain that back in the old days, there was ALWAYS one kid who would spill his juice box and then grind up goldfish crackers in the mess for whatever reason… but I’d have to spend half an hour cleaning up the results.

    It chills me how, in essence, this is the same argument (no disrespect intended toward the deceased). What really gets me is that 99% of my 4-year-olds understand and respect my reasoning–but your average NRA member doesn’t seem capable of making that intellectual leap.

    Thanks for bearing with me.

  3. June 13, 2016 7:24 PM

    Bravo for your principled stand, Deke! While I have not always agreed with your views, you have always been respectful to me and my opinions, and I’ve tried to be respectful of your views and the opinions of others. As I guide myself toward my own blog, I hope to follow YOUR example.

    BTW, I have family members who enjoy hunting and have rifles (and a couple of pistols, I suspect) locked in gun safes in their homes. Like their “liberal” relatives in Madison, they can’t understand why anyone who enjoys hunting would want or need any weapon designed for killing humans in their personal arsenals. Not even for “personal protection.” This weekend, we all shed tears for the folks in Orlando who, apparently, were targeted and killed by someone who thought it was his “obligation” to “play God.”

    I hardly believe all NRA members are violence-prone nut cases, But the fact is that NRA leadership DOES share responsibility for every gun death in this country (one-on-one murders, suicides, mass slayings, road-rage episodes, etc.). My hope is that thinking people will eventually take back control of this country and boot out of public office candidates bought and paid for by the NRA. If only one suicide can be prevented by a reasonable gun waiting period, if only one road-rage episode can be avoided, and/or if another weekend spent mourning the shooting of a young singer or a group of 49 folks socializing at a club, that’s worth supporting IMHO.

  4. June 13, 2016 7:06 PM


    Today someone passed by and said that no one cared if that man had come to the bar being a Rep. or Dem, Muslim or Christian or Jew, liberal or conservative or a bigot of any stripe If was when that man came into the bar with a gun that be became a threat. Because without a legally purchased military-style rifle, he would’ve just been a guy standing in a bar.

    That is why this nonsense from the NRA over the past 24 hours to this blog–and they are coming in an organized way from I suspect another blogger who is targeting here–and that is fine as I have a brake on the comment section prior to anything being posted—makes me so upset.

    They are devoid of fact and simply a play to the lowest common denominator. I know we have to do better if we are to get this massive problem corralled.

  5. June 13, 2016 5:55 PM

    “What about the hundreds of thousands of assault weapon owners who HAVEN’T committed mass murder? What about THEM?”

    I have been a school bus driver for many years, and this is EXACTLY the kind of non-argument I hear from the 4-year-olds I take home from pre-kindergarten every day.

    I agree that adults don’t have to answer to this kind of intellectual pablum.

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